Let's make something.

Build a new world.

Discovery... Exploration... New areas of consciousness.

Andrew Drannon Music Theatre - a production company that builds theatrical worlds exploring myth, mystery, technology and their interfaces with contemporary human life.

It makes works celebrating spiritual evolution, cultural healing, diversity, humanism, and co-creation with nature.

New works may be in a traditional form - or something new.

A solo song. A theatrical short.
An opera. 

An instrumental work.
A sound installation. A podcast. 
A dance collaboration. 
A musical film. An app.

Underwrite a performance, tour, recording...

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A fresh way to be part of a tradition that dates to the Middle Ages.

Become a member of a holistic storytelling ecosystem created for each piece by the writers, performers - and the patrons themselves.

A partner wishes to give a unique, handcrafted gift to their significant other, who is obsessed with quantum physics. They commission a new work about the nature of the universe that bears the unique stamp of the honoree, the occasion, and the artist's voice. Five years later, repeated performances continue to commemorate this relationship.

A grandchild is obsessed with the flute, and Mario Kart. For their 10th birthday their grandparents commission a work for flute and electronics. The composer and the family meet the flute player in the studio, where the grandchild learns crazy extended techniques that they can control with their phone. 10 years later, flautists perform the piece internationally, and the family celebrates this unique moment again and again. 

for more information about the commissioning process, download this pamphlet from New Music USA.

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    Affordable rates.

    The price of a new piece is arrived at between the commissioning individuals and the writing team, according to its scale and length.

    Shorter pieces for fewer performers will cost less than longer pieces for larger forces.

    Rates are calculated based on an hourly figure from the U.S. Department of Labor in keeping with educational background, combined with incidentals and performer/copying fees. 

    All commissioning fees are tax deductible.*

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    Celebrate your piece.

    • Upon completion, receive a beautiful bound and engraved full score and libretto of the work you commissioned with your name or a dedicatee's name and occasion.
    • Experience your piece come to life with a CD pressing on our in-house small batch record label Awen Records, made with handcrafted packaging and recorded in our studio with NYC-based Broadway and Off-Broadway talent.
    • Premiere your new work at a performance or house concert*.
    • Acknowledgement for your commission will appear in all future concert programs, commercial recordings, music videos, etc.

    *subject to location and funding costs.

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    Weave your story into the lore of modern theatre....

    Help support the creation of regenerative, intentional art...

    Get a hands-on backstage pass to the New York theatre and music world....

    Be part of a unique, organic experience similar to commissioning a new visual art work.

    How does the iconography of technology and innovation and pop culture serve as symbols of the same inner traditions that humans have shared throughout recorded history?

    How can we reconnect with heritage and roots and nature and dreaming of the future, and what new structures can we build as old ones are toppled?

    Music theatre is the crossroads of drama, music, technology, and human relationship - a force for change.

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    *Andrew Drannon Music Theatre is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of ADMT must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only. The value of your keepsake recording and score is $150. Any contribution above that amount is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.