Help build a new world.

Take an active role in shaping the future of dramatic storytelling. Donations are tax deductible and give you full behind the scenes access to the creative process.

Fund a new work.

When you help commission a new work with ADMT, you are investing in innovation in the arts, as well as helping make new theatre accessible to a broad collection of listeners.

Funding a commission, which is tax deductible*, lets you become part of a patronage tradition that dates to the Middle Ages. It gives you ownership into a new piece in a way similar to owning a piece of visual art.

  • Receive a beautiful bound and engraved full score and libretto of the work you commissioned with your name or a dedicatee's name and occasion.
  • Experience your piece come to life with a CD pressing on our in-house small batch record label Awen Records, made with handcrafted packaging and recorded in our studio with NYC-based Broadway and Off-Broadway talent.
  • Premiere your new work at a performance or house concert (subject to location and funding costs).
  • Acknowledgement for your commission will appear in all future concert programs, commercial recordings, music videos, etc.

Fund a recording.

Recording is a vast