Building new worlds.

Andrew Drannon Music Theatre, a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, is dedicated to creating new works that push music theatre forward.

It pursues truth through visceral musical storytelling with sounds and stories that rewrite what is possible on stage.

With music that charts a new course between art and pop, between tradition and abstraction, and stories that bridge the mythic with the technological, ADMT produces work that enraptures audiences and opens their eyes and ears to new possibilities.

Theatre is a public work.

ADMT makes new work accessible.

It produces theatre as affordable live experiences and as high quality digital recordings available on Apple Podcasts.

Plans are in place for a mobile app environment that lets listeners explore source material, themes, collaborative artwork, watch behind the scenes interviews with actors and musicians, and participate in community discussion.


Theatre is collaborative.

Andrew Drannon Music Theatre creates collaborative ecosystems that bridge artistic disciplines.

Each new work creates a new community that may include actors, writers, visual artists, dancers, musicians, and filmmakers, with patrons assuming a key role.

Exhibitions of work happen in local spaces ranging from galleries to lofts to museums to theatres to public areas.

According to our ‘ecosystem’ approach, all productions enforce color- and gender-blind casting, as well as requiring quotas of social groups in each production.

Theatre is local.

ADMT provides free education for students, as well as educational workshops at schools, universities, and concert venues.