Andrew Drannon Music Theatre designs breathing artistic ecosystems.

It specializes in music theatre works that explore myth, Mystery, humanism, technology and their relevance to contemporary life.

We believe that storytelling that crosses a threshold into the unknown is one way to build theatre into a regenerative cultural force.

We are founded on the belief that commitment to authenticity, innovation, and harmony from process to finished work to performance will bring new audiences to this primal human art.

New works weave a style between tradition and tech, between modern pop music, abstraction, storytelling, and sacred ritual.

'Music Theatre' can mean many different things. Much as 18th century sonata form took its musical language from drama, the foundation of dramatic storytelling can result in collaborations that range from theatre to dance to instrumental music.

Each work is a tuned ritual storytelling space where force vectors of human experience - 'emotional documentaries' - are created in a specialized, intimate environment.


During the process of development, we focus on keeping each member of the collaborative team in sync while honoring the organic flow of the human creative process.

We use a project management workflow based on Agile Software Development, adapted to fit the unique character of music theatre. This encourages innovation through iteration and rapid completion of new drafts according to the needs of the work.


Each work has its own collaborative ecosystem built from the synergy of writers, performers, the creative team, patrons, and the community. 

Andrew Drannon Music Theatre facilitates the raising of regenerative dramatic power through the unity and coexistence of diverse elements and people.


Andrew Drannon Music Theatre operates through a patronage model - traditional for the commissioning of new pieces of art.

We strive for maximum communication between patrons, the creative team, and the crew, favoring intimate, qualitative relationships unique to each project. 

Intentional Art

According to our ‘ecosystem’ approach, all productions enforce color- and gender-blind casting, as well as requiring quotas of social groups in each production.

This is an intentional, regenerative art environment aiming for unity in diversity, and a rejuvenation of modern art’s relationship to human evolution and the Sacred in all its expressions.

The earliest storytellers were magi, seers, bards, griots, shamans. They wrestled with the mysteries and transformed them into myths which coded the world and helped the community to live through darkness with eyes wide open and with hearts set alight.
— Ben Okri, A Way of Being Free